We offer Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage Therapy here in our treatment room in Headingley, Leeds. 

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote a range of beneficial treatments. This can be simply for relaxation and to de-stress, or oils can be used to target specific conditions such as anxiety, menopausal or hormonal conditions, pain, fluid retention, insomnia, depression and so on. A session lasts for an hour and will consist firstly of a consultation with you to look at what you would like from the treatment and for me to understand how I can help you. I can then identify the oils particular to your needs. A shoulder, neck and back massage or another type of treatment will be tailored to you for the oils to be applied. We will then look at what you may need going forward either using products at home, or having a set number of sessions of Aromatherapy treatments. 

Reflexology is an ancient chinese therapy that uses the pressure points on your feet to stimulate energy flow and circulation through the body. It's an holistic therapy that understands the connectedness of the whole body and can release energy and tension in the whole body through the reflexes in the feet. A session lasts for an hour and will consist of a consultation and a foot reading, then a reflexology treatment on both feet. Again, we would look at what you may need going forward. It is usually advisable to have 6 sessions, but just one session can have great benefit on it's own.

Massage Therapy is used for a range of reasons. It can be purely a luxury stress busting boost, or it can be used to support your body systems for greater health. In massage therapy, our key aim is to find the build up of lactic acid around the muscles and break it down. This helps rid your body of any toxins and helps with movement and connectivity. I think of massage therapy as an essential treatment for maintaining good health.


Aromatherapy 1 hour £45.00

Reflexology 1 hour £45.00

Massage Therapy 45 mins £35.00

Please contact me if you would like any further information, or to book a session.

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