What is Reflexology?

So what actually is Reflexology?

When I started training in Complementary Therapies it was for the aromatherapy and the massage knowledge. The reflexology qualification came with it but this just seemed like a bonus module at the time. Little did I know then how much it would blow my mind! Reflexology is amazing and is a really good tool for tapping into your overall wellbeing as everything shows up on the feet!

Your body is reflected in your feet starting with your big toes representing your head and brain and going all the way down to your feet. The same reflections are found in the hands too. The reflex points in the feet and hands are connected to organs, glands, nerves and other parts of the body and when pressed gently they stimulate the body's own natural healing capabilities.

So what can Reflexology do?

Your physical and emotional health shows up on the feet. Where areas are dry or cracked or reddened or yellow, this can identify issues going on in the body. Massaging and pressing the feet in different areas can help to balance and improve body functioning on a more general level, or it can highlight and support specific conditions to be treated. Reflexology is very much a complementary treatment and not to be used to diagnose illness but can be a highly effective way to bring healing and balance back to your system and to help treat specific conditions such as menopause, digestive problem or anxiety. As I am working on your feet, I will ask questions and check out things that might show up. These can be physical or on the emotional level. Or it can just provide a relaxing space to recharge your system generally, especially your circulation and energy levels.

If you would like to try a session, please get in touch with me. My treatment room is based in Headingley, Leeds.




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