So excited to announce our new product, Aromatherapy Bath Salts!

Aromatherapy Bath Salts are an incredible way to relax and harness the benefits of salt and essential oil therapy.

Himalayan salt is found in the mountains but was actually formed millions of years ago in ancient oceans. The salt is very high in mineral content and this causes the characteristic pink. It's soothing to the skin and relaxes muscles.

Essential oils are derived from a huge range of plant material including the fruits, the bark, the roots, flowers and leaves. They have incredible and varied properties that are beneficial to body and mind. 

The range of scents found in essential oils is mind-boggling, but they can usually be categorised by their therapeutic use – generally this is down to the dominant chemicals found within them. These chemicals can offer therapeutic properties such as sedation, pain relief, anti-bacterial, wound healing, cell regenerating and so on. They really do provide a natural medicine cabinet. Many orthodox medicines are derived from the chemical compounds found in plants, for example, salicin, a pain reliever found in willow bark is the active compound in Aspirin. Digitalis found in (the very toxic) foxglove is used to make a medicine to support heart conditions. When creating aromatherapy products, the chemicals are of critical importance but so is the overall scent and effect.


Did you know that blending essential oils is based on a type of musical system? There are base notes, middle notes and top notes which are very similar to how you hear sound. Base notes are deeper, lower and more fixed as an oil – they last longer and resonate (think baritone!). Top notes are lighter, higher, often found in the top parts of plants such as citrus fruits and could be compared to a soprano sound – maybe in some cases even a falsetto….! Middle notes range widely between them. Blending oils for therapeutic properties is one thing but blending them so they are in harmony is just as important to enjoy them.


The new salt range consists of RELAX, MUSCLE SOAK, DETOX, BOOST, TRANQUILITY AND INDULGE. All are blended for general use in the bath to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

Please get in touch if you want any further information about the products and their oils. If you are interested in a personalised blend of oils tailored to your needs, please contact me for a consultation.



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